Laptop Repair Price Plans

All computer manufacturers offer you a full service and support package which can be very useful when you have a problem. But with a fast moving pace, we know you want things fixed fast we can with friendly advice allowing you to solve problems quickly.


You can also contact us directly on 01744 20085. We'll do our best to help!


We can also provide basic training in software packages. This is a long-term investment which will enable you and your staff to anticipate and solve problems yourself.



Format Install/Health check                                         £50.00

Back-up Files (Pic's,Mp3's,Data)                                 £30.00

Fault Find (No Fix No Fee)                                           £70.00

Virus Removal                                                                £30.00

Fix internet or Wirless setup                                       £35.00

Laptop Clean Up                                                           £25.00

Install Software                                                             £15.00

Install Drivers                                                                £15.00

DC Socket Replacement Including Socket               £65.00

Screen Replacements                                      From   £115.00

Invertor Replacement                                      From   £50.00

Keyboard replacement                                    From   £40.00

Spillage Clean Up                                                        £75.00

Mainboard repairs (reflows)                                      £80.00