Pc Repair Price Plans

Our computer experts can help you with all maintenance and repair jobs, including warranty or repairs that incur costs.


Our technicians are familiar with all current hardware and programs and are regularly trained to ensure that, with our help, you're always up to date.


Format Install Software                                               £40.00 

Backup Files (Mp3's,Pic's,Data)                                £25.00

Virus Removal                                                              £25.00

Pc Clean up                                                                  £25.00

Problem Solve                                                              £25.00

Install Software/Remove Software                           £10.00

Fix Internet Problems                                                 £20.00

Wireless Setups                                                         £35.00

Install Drivers                                                             £15.00                                                                                                

Install Parts Eg. Hard drive,Memory, cpu etc        £15.00

Build Pc                                                                       £35.00